Rambøll ProjectWEB is a simple and efficient tool providing for all participants in a project, an easy and quick access to project materials and project documents.

In ProjectWEB everything is placed in a clear structure and use of the internet is clearly defined. The era of the unstructured e-mails is definitively over. Hence the quality of a project is strengthened, while at the same time resources, which have previously been spent on handling of cumbersome paper flow can now be released for more constructive tasks.

ProjectWEB can be used for all types of documents, such as drawings, specifications, photos, reports, letters, minutes of meetings, meeting calendars, mails and address lists. The participants in the project adapt the project structure in the ProjectWEB. A structure adapted to the line of business in question can also be applied, such as e.g. ibb publication 10 Arkiv- og Dokumentstruktur marts/2003 (ibb publication 10 File- and document structure March/2003).

ProjectWEB can be used directly by all persons with access to a PC and an Internet connection. ProjectWEB's interactive user interface makes it a natural choice for preparation of digital invitations to tender, partnering and PPP (Public Private Partnership).
Please contact Annette Einfeldt or Morten Raasted, Rambøll for further information.

We hold individual mini seminars for companies and project groups that consider using Rambøll ProjectWEB.

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